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A single flower adds a poignant touch to the outdoor memorial site. (Photo by Tom Adkinson)

(A personal note: When Sept. 11 rolls around every year, Americans pause to remember and reflect on that date in 2001. Here’s what goes through my mind.)  NEW YORK – A couple of years ago, I was in New York City …

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Photo by Tom Adkinson

KEY LARGO, Fla. — The African Queen, the actual boat from the movie of the same name, has been resurrected. The putt-putt-puttering steam-powered boat has led an amazing life in its 100+ years (it was built in England in 1912), …

Bogart, Hepburn, the African Queen — and You Read More »

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Photo by Tom Adkinson

AVERY ISLAND, La. – This spot in Louisiana Cajun country is famous the world over for little bottles of a spicy red sauce. Of course, it’s Tabasco sauce, and 2018 is a major anniversary year — 150 years of spicing …

Old Spice: 150 Years of Tabasco Zing Read More »

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A gallery of portrait paintings shows many of the looks Ava Gardner could adopt. Image by Tom Adkinson.

SMITHFIELD, N.C. – Expectations for small-town museums often are understandably low, but expect to be impressed at the Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield. It delivers the ultimate small-town-girl-who-hit-it-big story in a prominent location on Smithfield’s main street. One of Hollywood’s …

Ava Gardner: Small-town Girl Goes Hollywood Read More »

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HODGENVILLE, Ky. – Illinois calls itself the “Land of Lincoln,” but Kentucky is where Abraham Lincoln was born. There’s no escaping that historical fact when you visit Hodgenville and the rolling countryside that surrounds this little town about 50 miles …

Kentucky, the Original ‘Land of Lincoln’ Read More »

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