Why ‘Corners of the Country’?

The first words in a classic country song inspired the name of this travel website, but in reverse.

Thom Schuyler wrote “16th Avenue” to pay tribute to aspiring songwriters who come to Nashville trying to make it in country music, the marquee business in Nashville, my hometown. Here are the initial lines:

From the corners of the country
From the cities and the farms
With years and years of living
Tucked up underneath their arms

They walk away from everything
Just to see a dream come true
So God bless the boys who make the noise
On 16th Avenue

Singer Lacy J. Dalton had a huge hit with the song (listen here), it was the opening number in a Country Music Association awards show and it inspired me to want to explore the places those songwriters left – the corners of the country.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of the places, people and activities I have found across the United States and even in a few places where I needed a passport to get back to Nashville.